How To Stop Worrying What Other People Think - Women interested in leaving law

This comes up again and again.

One of my clients is struggling to give notice. She has money to last for at least a year and has a dream she wants to pursue.

But that’s what I see.

She’s struggling to stop worrying what other people think.

She recently recounted what a friend told her…

“No one thinks about you. And the people who do think about you for more than a minute, care about your happiness.”

I saw this recently…

“Those who matter don’t mind, and those who mind, don’t matter.”

It’s the same sentiment, said differently.

Or read here how Elizabeth Gilbert said it in a workshop of hers I attended.

Ask yourself…

What’s harder…

Go for what your heart desires and have other people talk about you for a few days?

Or drudge through months or years in a job that drains your soul?

While perhaps not easy, the choice is yours.

As a coach of mine says, “If we don’t change it, we choose it.”

Listen, I’m laying it on thick here.

I struggle with this still, but part of me has decided I’m going for it.

Sometimes it’s lonely. I worry if I am doing enough of the right things. I’ve never been right here, right now in this business before.

But I get out of bed with a smile on my face and am excited to go!

I witness how, as my clients say, “the WILL work” helps them see what else is possible for them.

Lives are at stake. Yours. Mine. And countless, unknowable people we can affect when we live our truths.

So my dears…if you want help to go for your hearts desires…

to stop worrying what other people think…

to be and do what you know you are meant to be and do…

let’s talk.

As for my client… she is on the brink.

She got a TON of love and support from me and the other WILL members during a group call this week. 

I could feel her taking it in.

Gathering energy to make her jump.

Knowing when she does, the leap she takes, is towards herself.

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