When I was a kid, people called me nosy. (Listen, I have a big nose, but that’s not why.)

I was a curious kid, interested in other people. I’d ask questions and wanted to understand more about them.

“Nosey” is one of those words, along with “silly” and “bossy” that subtly tell girls they are being “too much” and to dim their light.

I’m sure you’ve figured by now why you want to leave big law, but how is the big question.

I want you to tell me how I could help you leave big law and how can I make that transition easier for you. I want to help you leave big law.

As I’ve gotten older, and perhaps a little bit wiser, I now see my nosiness as curiosity.

I’m genuinely interested in other people. That relates to Connectedness, one of my top five talents natural strengths according to the StrengthsFinder assessment (which I do with all WILL members).

The belief that we are all connected is fundamental to my understanding of the world.

It’s one of the big reasons that I created WILL. When someone else is living their truth, it not only lights them up, it helps us all.


I want you to help me help you by letting me understand your point of view and what I can contribute to your successful transition from (big) law to your passion.


Coaching is a place where I get to ask you questions, and you reflect. You talk out loud to another human. You are listened to deeply.


I reflect your words. Sometimes WILL members say, “Why am I killing myself for a job I hate?”
I play that back to you. You hear yourself. You get new insights. You take new action.

Then you get new results.

I don’t even have to be bossy. You get there yourself with some loving guidance.

Plus, we have some fun along the way. I’m a little silly. Can’t help it.

And the community. In WILL you are supported be a community of other women who GET IT.


Who don’t talk about their bright, shiny achievements and diplomas, but about what’s in their hearts. What their souls yearn for. And it’s a place where you get to do that too.

Sounds, fun. Right?

Join us. Get nosy about yourself.


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How good would it feel to regain control of your time, career and life?

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