Most of the #WomenLawyers that I work with are surprised that when they give their notice, they are asked to stay.

If you want to make things better and stay where you are, you always have the option to try.

But before you decide to stay and stick it out, I want you to do something for me.

Make a proposal.

Ask yourself, what is it you want to create, receive or achieve in work, life, and love?

It starts with you getting clear on the answers.

This doesn’t have to take long or be some complicated process.

I want you to get clear on what you want to propose…

For yourself…

For your relationships…

For your work…

And for life!

After you’ve made your proposal, send it over to me. I’d love to read it.  Then, maybe we can talk about it on a call, which you can book right here.  



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