When it comes to thinking about leaving big law or the practice, does it feel like you’re trying to hold a beach ball underwater?

Sometimes, there are things we want.  They might not make logical sense, but there is a calling in your heart, a knowing in your soul, and information you get from your body in the form of fatigue and dread.

Whether or not you believe in God, source, or the divine, would you agree that there is a message you are getting pretty loud and clear?

And if you’re too afraid to act on it…

That’s so human.

But I want you to forgive yourself.

Give yourself the grace and compassion you would give to a dear friend that you love.

And then ask yourself: What would I wish this dear friend could know? What can she trust?

I hope you know that you can trust yourself, even if you haven’t felt particularly trustworthy at certain points in your life.

Today’s a new day.

As the days get longer, I want you to ask yourself:

What can I let spring up from within me and rise to the surface? What is ready to come up for air?

And if you haven’t been able to make the progress you want on my own…

I invite you to book a call and explore if WILL could provide you the structure, framework, community, and the full body experience of love, and guide you step-by-step out of big law and into your dreamy new reality.



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