Many of the women lawyers I work with have an identity that strictly tells them, “I am a lawyer.”

This identity is hard earned.

For some, this badge of honor also feels like a mask.


One of the things I help people see in WILL is the power of language.

Language not only describes our experiences, but it also defines them.

Two of the most powerful words are: I am.

I am tired.

I am unhappy.

I am loved.

“I am” allows us to connect with the identity we want to try on.

See what fits.

When members say “I am anxious.”

I invite them to reframe it as…

“I feel anxious.”

The women I work with no longer want to be defined by their lawyer identity, or suffer the cost of anxiety.

Not the toll it’s taking on their bodies, lives or relationships.

They are ready to create a new “I am…”

I am free from the billable hour.

I have work that’s meaningful and fulfilling, and doesn’t make me feel like Darth Vader when I tell people what I do

I sleep through the night!  I no longer hit snooze for an hour, but now get out of bed eager to greet my day with a smile on my face!

They are ready to feel free…

To have work that’s meaningful, productive and joyful.

To make money doing something they LOVE.

Yes, all this and MORE is possible.

If you want to create a new “I am”

Let’s get on a call and explore what you want to let go of, and what you are here to create.

I am here for you!



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