When I started working with lawyers, I thought I had to be very buttoned up 🙄

That is, until recently when a WILL member said, “Get even witchier, Elena!”

It’s true that I like to connect to magic.

To the divine.  ✨☄️

Plug into the energy of all that is. 💖🙌🏽🌈

It’s so much bigger and smarter than we are, so why not leverage it?  (That’s the strategic part of me, which I also love).

Mostly, I’m just trying to be me. 🙂

To shed all the good-girl-people-pleasing-what-if-they-don’t-like-me programming that I grew up with. 🎈

And by being me, I’m trying to show YOU that it’s okay to be yourself too. 🙌🏽🎤💖

You don’t have to believe in magic, the universe, or manifestation.  (But it can be fun if you do.😉)

It’s about you becoming more you.

Recently on a Community Call, a WILL member shared that her WILL work is helping her remember that she loves art and design.   She’s starting to tap back into her creativity.

Her kids tell her, “Mommy I don’t want to hear about your work.  That’s boring.“

But when she pulls out the paints and markers, they come close and want to hang out and play.

WILL is about remembering, allowing and becoming more you.

It doesn’t mean she’s going to quit law to work in the arts.  It also doesn’t mean she isn’t!  We don’t know yet.

That’s what I’m here for.  To help you discover and allow your own unfolding.

If you are serious about this…

If you are READY to make this the year you unplug from feeling like you are failing on all fronts, escape the tyranny of the billable hour, or stop not knowing what else it is you really want to do….

If you are ready to LISTEN to the calling within your soul and be led, guided and loved along a proven path and discover what’s satisfying and next for YOU…

Wait no longer! Now is the time.

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