Horrified.  Praying.  Sending money to Airbnb to house refugees.

And thinking –  why I’m proud to run WILL during this war…

At its very heart, WILL is much more than about changing careers for women lawyers.

(Of course that’s a primary outcome!)

It’s about freedom and undoing systems of oppression.

Baked into the mission of WILL is the liberation of women lawyers to bring all their



passion for justice, and

capabilities to change the world.

It’s hard to do that if you feel trapped under the billable hour.

In WILL you change internally first.

You quiet the internalized critics, doubts and fears.

You know you’re okay as you strut out and press send on your goodbye email.

You free yourself from the tyrant in the corner office.

Because the Putin‘s of the world don’t just exist in the Kremlin.

They’re down the hall.

Unleashing yourself is revolutionary.

WILL is about saying “YES” to being fully expressed as the individuals you are…

across all kinds of lines and gaps…




Gender identity and expression.

Marital status, parenthood and more.

It’s a place for women lawyers to unapologetically own and SHARE their brilliance.

At the heart of WILL is the radical transformation that you become more of who you are.

Fully expressed.



This is the stuff the topples regimes.

That is the stuff of WILL.

Start your journey here.



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