This is what a former big law attorney told me…

“When I was a fourth-year associate, working till the wee hours of the night, my fellow juniors and I would fantasize about being rescued by a magical SWAT team. We imagined someone would swoop in and helicopter us out.”

I wonder if you’ve had a similar sort of fantasy?

Listen, this shit is real. Taking action to revise your life and your career is going to feel scary.

The good news is your copilot is standing by. You don’t have to go it alone

I want you to ask yourself: Am I satisfied with my career and life now?

I would not be here, with you reading this, if I had not invested a ton of money in myself and business. I hire coaches and join communities that support and guide me. I follow processes to help me grow.

Through some of this work, I’m challenging myself to be bolder…

… to lovingly and fiercely stand for YOUR transformation.

The New Year is almost here. No more pussyfooting around!

Imagine what it would feel like to…

Step into a new reality where hours pass effortlessly in flow (yes, at work!), curl up on a lazy Sunday reading for pleasure and enjoy vacations without laptops or worry.Enjoy financial security as you luxuriate in soul satisfying work that pays WELL and affords you flexibility and freedom from the billable hour.

Prioritize yourself, family and be the friend who shows up for events, and does not let another 3, 5, or 15 years go by stuck in a job that drains your soul.So buckle up, the SWAT team IS here.

The chopper is taking off.

YOU are in the pilot seat.

If you want me and WILL to copilot on this part of the journey, book your call here and now.

Ready for liftoff?

Hold steady and make a plan. Enter your email, then book a call to learn how WILL can help you.

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