Like millions of others, I’m obsessed with Ted Lasso.
(Spoilers ahead so if you haven’t finished Season 2, you’ve been duly warned!)

I’m a little ashamed to admit how many times I’ve watched Season 1.

Okay, at least four.  Some choice episodes may have been consumed even more than that!

During the airing of Season 2, I promised myself not to investigate the IMBD pages of the actors, so as to keep them in character for me.

However, I found that impossible to do after the Emmy’s.

I developed a crush on Roy Kent, I mean, Brett Goldstein…

I kept my promise until he won his Emmy. (And Hannah Waddingham, on whom I also have a crush.)

After the Emmys, I went down YouTube rabbit holes to learn that not only is Brett Goldstein, here, there everywhere as Roy Kent, but he’s also one of the writers of the show.

(In my deep dive, I also learned that he co-wrote Daniel Craig‘s final lines as James Bond.  If that’s not swoon-worthy, I’m not sure what is.)

Ok, so what does Roy Kent have to do with you and finding career courage, joy and satisfaction?

Remember early in Season 2, when Roy says to Keeley, “I’ve never been anything but a footballer”?

Sound familiar?

One of the biggest barriers I hear is, “I’ve only ever been a lawyer.  That’s all I know how to do.”

Imagine how many F bombs Roy Kent would drop on you for that!

Point is, he tried out coaching kids, then being a sports commentator, until…

Ted had him at “Coach.”

Brett Goldstein does more than one thing too; he writes, acts and produces.

You can do more than one thing too!!

[NOTE: I am using VERBS, not just nouns.  You DO so many things and ARE more than a lawyer.]

Let me ask you this: who are you now as a lawyer?

What else do you want to be?  And do?  And have?

Let’s explore this deeply in a 💖heart-to-heart 💖chat.

Let’s give voice and LIFE to the desires bubbling up in you…

Book that conversation here.

Now that that’s covered… what’s your Season 3 prediction?  Hit reply and let me know!

Mine is that Nate will be redeemed, it will end with a wedding (maybe even a double!) and Ted will return home to Kansas, fondly remembering his magical journey and the lives he touched.

(Anyone else getting a little Wizard of Oz vibe?)

With love, magic and a few Roy Kent inspired F-bombs,


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