Go outside and collect 10 leaves. Put them aside or press them under a big book.  Then, grab a journal or notepad and answer these questions…

➳ What do you want to let go of?

➳ What do you want to call in more of?

These are two questions that we meditated on during our New Moon ritual kickoff call for this year’s Sunday Sprint.

(The Sunday Sprint is a mashup of a workshop/retreat/conference/community call spread over six Sunday nights, fueled by a whole lotta WILL connection and love.)

This New Moon is all about relationships.  That’s why our theme this year centered around…
• Improving your most important relationship: the one with yourself
• Letting go of what doesn’t serve you, in order to have more space
• Calling in and allowing what DOES serve you to take up more space.

How wonderful to hear everyone’s responses shared out loud!  

Some members want to let go of…
“The story I tell myself that it’s okay that I should settle for second best.””

“Anxiety.  I’ve had a lot of it lately.”

“The idea that I am not allowed to have what I want, and the idea that what I want is not possible.”

And call in…
“More time for myself, health and relationships.”

“Seeing that I have a choice.”

“Fun, play and time.”

Now, what were the leaves for, you might be wondering?

I invited everyone to take five leaves, and write on them what they wanted to let go.  With the remaining five, they wrote what they wanted to call in.  

I invite you to do this too.

Then, go out under the moonlight (or during the day) and release the leaves back to the world.

This is a powerful action and metaphor.

The purpose of WILL is to help you release yourself into the world.  

Your gifts.

Your talents.

The meaningful work you want to do.

This weekend, go release some leaves.

Then next week, month or year you’ll be ready to release yourself!  

If you haven’t been able to do it on your own, there’s nothing wrong with you.  

If you want to do it in a warm, welcoming community with a proven process and people to guide you… book a consultation with me here.  

To your relationship with YOU,

Hold steady and make a plan. Enter your email, then book a call to learn how WILL can help you.

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