In the past couple of weeks someone very close to me, who had previously been perfectly healthy, got very sick.

I’m happy to report that they are on the mend and will pull through.

It was close though. Scarily close.

I am beyond appreciative for all the care they received and that I could play a part in tethering them back to life here on earth.

I share this for a few reasons …

1.  It was terrifying how quickly you could go from being a healthy 57-year-old, to near death.

2.  It’s a huge reminder that tomorrow is never promised. For any of us.

Sometimes, when I hear your stories, (I.e., of needing to schedule time on your work calendar so you can take a shower), I become infuriated at the culture of big law, where it is normal and EXPECTED for you to give your life force away!

You are here on earth to do something with your “wild and precious life”! (From poet, Mary Oliver)

Billing it away in six minute increments, doing work that dulls your mind and drains your soul is probably not what you had in mind when you were starry eyed and ambitious in law school or college!

There’s no shame in taking YOUR time to figure it out.

Even if it doesn’t feel like your time is yours when you work in (big) law, beholden to the billable hour and always on call.

Start counting YOUR time.   

Start counting YOUR life.

This Sunday I am leading a beautiful, six-week event called the Sunday Sprint. We will spend Sunday evenings together (skipping Halloween 🎃) with these intentions…

improve your relationship with yourself so you can …

let go of what no longer serves you and…

create space for a life and career that does!

I’m happy that during my family crisis I was able to be there, in person for my loved ones. I’m proud that I created a business and life with that kind of flexibility and still deliver for you.

If you want some of that too….

We’d LOVE to have you join us in WILL Transform and the Sunday Sprint. 💗🙌🏽😀

WILL Transform is a life-changing program that guides you to leave (big) law.   You don’t have to “figure it out” on your own.

When you enroll now, you get the Sunday Sprint as a bonus!

One member left her job this week! She’s been a lawyer for 32 years.

If she can do it, you can too.

Let’s go!

P.s. We start this Sunday with a witchy wonderful New Moon ritual!  Celebrate your life and join us.  All the goodies are here.  

Try using the phrase, “I can…”

  • “I may not know what I want now, but I can figure it out.
  • “I can be happier. This is not going to make me happy long term.”
  • “Other people figure out what to do after (big) law and I can too.”

Start there.  Notice how saying these affirmative statements make you FEEL. 


Take action from there.


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Of course, you are smart and capable.  Being a lawyer is an important part of who you are and what you’ve already achieved. 


Leveraging that for something that makes you happier and more fulfilled is absolutely achievable.  I’d love to show you how.

Hold steady and make a plan. Enter your email, then book a call to learn how WILL can help you.

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