Recently, A WILL member I’ll call Jackie finished the first phase of her work.

When she had initially signed up, she told me, “I’m going to sign up and then not do it.”

I told her we weren’t going let that happen.  And we didn’t.

WILL helped her big leave her big law job for an in-house position, AND she wants to keep going.

She wants to learn more about herself and find the next thing that will be an even better fit.

We spoke recently and I asked “What was the most valuable part of the program for you?”  

“Community Calls,” she said.

I was stunned speechless.

“Forgive me if I missed something (since I lead all the Community Calls) but I don’t remember you being on one!”

She said, “I’ve listened to every recording.  The other women said things that were inside my headThey spoke words that I had thought I was alone in thinking. I just didn’t feel comfortable getting on them.”

I took away this: There is no one right way to leave (big) law or do WILL.

You might read some books, do a lot of journaling, or talk to people in careers that sound appealing to you.

You might take a class, or sign up for a course that provides a process, community and coaching, like in WILL!

Maybe you’re still uncertain about what your next step is.

You DO know

…you desire relief from the nagging feeling that you’re wasting your time, energy and life.

…you are here for more.

…that life does not have to be like this.

If you want to stop beating yourself up for not making as much progress as you think you “should“ be able to on your own…

We are SO here for you.  

I say “we” because the WILL team, coaches and a community of other smart, compassionate and generous women lawyers are here for you.   

Within the WILL structure of love and possibility, you can forge your own path.

Love, Elena

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Now you do!

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