Oh people, here I go… sharing the thing that women “of a certain age” no longer want to share.

My age.  

I am turning 55.

It’s such a good number.  I’m actually kind of excited for it.  

Not sure how I’ll feel about 56! 😊 Trying to stay present!

The lightning bolt of an idea for WILL hit me the summer I turned 50.

Truth be told, it had been brewing for at least four years before that.

I was coaching lawyers, seeing all the things that you folks live every day.  

And yet, I was in a business partnership with a best friend.  We would start working on the lawyer idea, and another project would come in or he would say something that rubbed me the wrong way.

But I didn’t have the courage to break off and go out on my own.  Not yet.

Then came the summer of 2016. My mom had died two years earlier.  I was through the worst of the grief, and getting more irritated with myself for not going for what I wanted.

I remember, I went up to the Cape with my kids a few days ahead of my spouse and did some work from there.  I had gotten off a call with my business partner and the hospital leaders where we were doing a project.  It was a great project, with good people and a very important cause.

But my heart wasn’t in it.

I literally was phoning it in.

The recent breakthroughs I had had with a female lawyer client had me buzzing.  I even took a call with her while on vacation as she prepped for an interview with the CEO of the startup she eventually left big law for.  

I was SO excited.  I felt ALIVE.

Soon that same vacation, the idea for WILL woke me up.  [You can read more here]. In all honesty.  I haven’t looked back.  

I share this because some of you think you’re “too old” to make a change.

That you “can’t start something new.”

Please please please trust your heart, gut and energy.  
{I know this is hard!  I struggle with it too.  But this is what we help you do in WILL}.

If you are getting another message, one filled with buzzing excitement and liveliness, tune in.

Let’s bring that to life.  

In celebration of 55 years and counting,

PS – More info on how to have your own WILL Transform here.

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