Last summer, I had a conversation with a prospective WILL member.  I asked her, “Where would you like to be a year from now?”

She said, “I will have left my job, and be on a yacht in the Mediterranean.”

She ended up not enrolling in WILL at the time, but every now and then, she pops into my mind.  I dropped her an email a couple of weeks back to let her know that I was thinking about her.

She wrote back that she had an update and wanted to talk. 

When we got on the phone, she told me that was sitting by the pool (she lives in Florida), and that she recently was let go from her job, very happily.

She also told me that she has recently started researching YACHT vacations in the Mediterranean.

She then told me that she’s starting her own law firm!

She said our conversation last year “planted the seed of an intention.”

I’m so delighted that it is now bearing fruit.

Sometimes, a consultation results in our working together, and sometimes it launches magic and miracles in a different way. 🚀☺️🦋

If you’ve been thinking about reaching out to me for a consultation, now is the time.  Why?

Because in September, many law firms are going to ask people to start coming back in.  If not full time, then about three days a week.  

A friend of mine is the director of operations at one of the world’s largest law firms.  
She told me that they are expecting people to be back in the office after Labor Day.

I don’t know what your firm will decide, but she said the big firms are watching each other and most will follow the pack. 

How do you feel about going back into the office?

If you don’t want to go back to grind, commuting through morning and evening rush hour, getting dressed for work, and pretending in person, then the time to make a change is NOW. 

If you begin your WILL work now, come September you will likely be able to…

  • Clearly describe your top skills and talents
  • Set boundaries and protect your most highly cherished relationships and projects
  • Quiet those nasty inner critics, judges and skeptics that keep you frozen in fear
  • Break the isolation and connect with an amazing community of smart, ambitious women lawyers all working on creating more meaning in their careers and lives
  • Increase your capacity to be kinder and less harsh on yourself!

So what will it be?  The woman who is headed onto a yacht didn’t even enroll in WILL, and look at the trajectory our conversation sent her on!

What do you stand to gain by having a conversation?

With love and holding space for your “craziest, most awesome visions of your future!” 
Nothing you say can shock me.  I want it all for you!

Begin here and now.


Do you want to make a change you can be proud of? 

If yes, I believe WILL can help.

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  • Podcasts that unlock a world of possibilities
  • Courage, tools and communities to bolster you

How good would it feel to regain control of your time, career and life?

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