Another WILL member couldn’t get out of bed.

Her body said:
I can’t do it.

She was the only associate working under two partners.  She had pretty much worked nonstop for the past five years and the pandemic made everything worse.  No brakes allowed.  When she and her husband got away to Maine last summer, it was barely a vacation and lasted only two days.

Two days.

Still checking email.  Still on call.

Then, early this new year, her body said no.  She couldn’t get out of bed.  She couldn’t do it.

This is the wisdom of the body.  

I say “another” WILL member, because this has happened with at least five others since the pandemic.

Unable to get out of bed.
Crying for hours.
Incapable of turning on the computer.

I wish these women didn’t have to go through pain and suffering.  When their law firms didn’t allow breaks, their bodies pulled the emergency ones.

The good news is they had the support of the WILL community to help them through. 

These WILL members took paid leaves of absence.

Note: They aren’t all mothers.  Did you see the NY Times supplement “Women in Crisis?” Of course, the pandemic is having a huge impact on parents AND women without children. The prevailing notion of “What else do you have to do?” is creating tremendous burnout and anxiety in all kinds of workers.  This is to say that if you don’t have kids, you can explore a leave too!

Before you say “I couldn’t…” Turn down the chatter in your head.  What is the wisdom of your body saying about your job?

Our minds play all kinds of tricks, but the body does not lie.  It speaks simply.

Tune in.  Get quiet. What do you feel?
An expansive feeling? Or heaviness?

Is your body saying “Stay.” “Go!” or “I just can’t.”

Your body and soul are speaking.  Please listen.  

With much love and tenderness,


P.S. If you want to be in a community where you are supported to prioritize YOU, join us in WILL Transform.  More information here.

P.P.S.  Many women check their workplace policies or speak with HR about taking a leave.  Also, look into the legal requirements your firm has to protect its employees.  If you are an employee, that includes you.  

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