Some WILL members have shown me that their “WILL work” is about more than finding a new job.

It’s about becoming.

Becoming your true self, shedding societal expectations of who you are supposed to be and what you are supposed to do.

It can lead to stripping away the good girl “shoulds” and putting in the energy to find your truest wants and desires.

The process yields different outcomes for everyone. For Regina Colantonio, pursuing her WILL work has resulted in publishing a newsletter: Here Comes Gina.

We met in a very serendipitous way.

It was the spring of 2018.  I went down to Philadelphia to hear Jen Sincero read from her first You Are a Badass book.  She had no tour dates in NYC and I was determined to see her.

During the Q&A I worked up the nerve to raise my hand and ask a question.  Jen called on me, and shakily, I stood up. I introduced myself and the name of my business, which got a chuckle.  Invariably among 200 people, there’s going to be someone who either is, or knows an unhappy woman lawyer.

The next day, I got an email from Regina who had been in the audience.

She told me that through a series of unusual events, her sister had dragged her to the reading that night.  When I said the name of my business – Women Interested in Leaving Law – their eyes locked and jaws dropped.

We started working together that summer, and she’s been an inspiration for me and many other WILL members since.

For the past year, she participated in the WILLpreneurs Mastermind, a group I run for WILL members who want to start their own businesses.  

She has begun publishing a weekly (except for holidays, because that’s how she rolls!) newsletter and has generously allowed me to share a recent issue with you.  PLEASE go read the whole thing!

Before publishing Here Comes Gina, she…

  • Left not one law job, but two
  • Survived a breakdown during the pandemic while keeping two young kids alive and well
  • Took a leave of absence (paid, btw!)
  • Replenished herself by doing a whole lot of sleeping, reading and eating snacks
  • Summoned (and summons) her courage by sharing her true voice

She’s got stories to tell, and I want to amplify and launch her message as widely as possible!

I am beyond honored by the work we have done and continue together.  I know that one day, I will happily pay her to speak at a future WILL conference (2030, save the date).

When one woman shares her truth, she opens the door for us to share ours too.

Gina’s not just pushing, but she’s kicking that door down.  

Okay ladies, here comes Gina!

P.S. To get your own weekly dose of Gina, go here to sign up.

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