On Monday of this week, as the world swung into all kinds of action, I marked the seventh anniversary of my mom’s passing.

Suzy Lowinger was an artist, creator and therapist.  She marched to the beat of her own drum, studied metaphysics, and loved her kids, grandkids, dogs and life fiercely. She died too young, at 74.

The grief hit me hard last weekend.  It came like a wave, and there was nothing I could do but dive under.  It carried an extra punch with everything from last year.  It laid me low.

Then, like a wave, it receded.  I got up and walked out of the metaphoric ocean,  sat my ass down on the sand, and looked at the magnificence of it all.

Even with the deeply angering and disturbing events of this week, I look to the celebrations…

Talking with my teenage sons about what happened and their thoughtful discussions in (virtual) school…

My wife, who is a health care provider in the South Bronx, getting her first Covid vaccine…

Stacey Abrams, with many others, bringing us a resounding victory from Georgia.

And I pondered my progress from last year.  I savored the victories large and small, for myself, family, WILL Members and Alumni.

Then I set my intentions for this new year.

Intentions are magical. They contain an openness, ability to flow, shift and pull you in the right direction.

Often I’ll set intentions, and then weeks or years later find the notebook I wrote in, and magically everything has come to pass. Yes with action, but not with gripping effort.

You are invited to create your own in this Intention Setting Workshop.

I can’t believe it’s been seven years since my mom died.  When some of her friends see my posts about WILL on Facebook and LinkedIn, they tell me how proud she would be.  I think she would be too.

AND there’s so much more I intend for WILL, myself and this new year.

How about you?

Don’t wait.  Our world needs you now.

Join us for this hands-on free workshop.

I end with a prayer for peace and healing and a strong intention to bring the best of myself forward this year,

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