Have you ever heard the term “overwinter”?

I hadn’t.  It’s a gardening term I was not familiar with until recently when in a group chat, a WILL Member used this term.

“What’s overwintering?” I asked.

As a few of the gardeners chimed in. Overwintering is “a wonderful biological process of tending plants and planting crops that will live during the winter.”  It’s a chance to both replenish the soil, nurture the plants that grow in the winter and gently prepare for the spring.

They explained, it applies to us “as biological beings too”.

Leaving (big) law or changing careers is actually a lot like gardening.

You have to pull out the dead plants and old weeds, and enrich the soil.  (Akin to pulling out limiting beliefs, inner critics and doubters.)

Then, you get to turn and nourish the soil, choose what you want to grow, design your garden and plant new seeds or starters. (Come up with new appealing possibilities and investigate them.)

Throughout the spring and summer, continue to pull out weeds (inner critic‘s, limiting beliefs) until you harvest the rewards. (New career, job, freedom and RELIEF.)

I love a good metaphor. But it’s true that just like a garden, what we pay attention to, grows.  

You GET to tend to your life much like a garden, and now is a great time to overwinter.  

What can you do right now to enrich the soil, grow things that can survive the winter and gently prepare for spring?

What do you want to plant, tend and harvest in your life?

WILL guides you through this process. You don’t have to be an experienced gardener — you just have to have the willingness to learn and grow.  

I know that scheduling a call is a huge act of courage. I invite you to just think of me as a garden consultant.  😉

Then picture yourself biting into a warm, fresh from the vine, juicy tomato!

With much love and quiet tending this winter,

P.S. Happy solstice and Great Conjunction! Don’t know what that is?  Astrologically December 21st marks the next era in human evolution.

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