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Recently, while shopping at Trader Joe’s, I listened to a podcast by the entrepreneur, Rachel Rodgers. I began following her last summer after George Floyd’s murder.  She and other leaders created an anti-racist small business pledge which I signed and have been working on, both for WILL and myself personally.  Find links to the pledge and Rachel’s website below. 

As I loaded up my cart, Rachel spoke about company values.

I already had a set of company values, but while listening to Rachel, new ideas and inspiration began to flow!  The next morning, I captured these for WILL.  I am delighted to share them with you now. 

WILL Values 


  • We commit to becoming present before we begin or lead any of our WILL work.   This includes: community calls, coaching sessions, pod calls, team meetings, and more.
  • We pause to ground ourselves and intentionally step into the present moment. 
  • We do this through positive focus, meditation or by taking deep breaths.  There is no one “right” way.  

Invite Possibility In

  • We don’t know what will happen in a meeting, coaching session or community call, and approach our work with curiosity and possibility.  
  • We stay open to outcomes, and are not attached to them. 
  • We are open to receive a spark of divine magic.

Build a Process-driven Company 

  • We create processes and systems that provide structure, consistency and safety for WILL members, team and alumni. 
  • We are committed to clarity of communication, accepting personal responsibility, and working to improve all that we do.
  • We look for ways to simplify and help more people with ease. 

Commitment to Equity and Inclusion 

  • WILL is committed to inclusion and equity of all kinds, especially and not limited to: racial identity, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion and country of origin.
  • We work to build an equitable organization through hiring, spending, discussions and training. 
  • We push ourselves to be uncomfortable as we name and work to overcome internalized and systemic barriers, judgements and -isms. 

We Intend to Make Every Interaction “WILLish”

  • Warm, Intimate, Loving and Limitless.

These values are aspirational for me and everyone working at WILL.  They guide how we intend to show up with Members and Alumni, as well as with ourselves and each other.  As we learn and grow, we will update and share our evolving values.  

Also, as we are on the brink of MLK Day, I reaffirm my pledge as an anti-racist small business owner.  The disparities in our country that we see every day and were glaring last week, aren’t going anywhere without everyone doing our part.  As a white woman, it is too easy to fall into the comfort provided by white supremacy.  In this new year, I share these values with you and my team, as a way to hold myself accountable.  Stay tuned for more.  

P.S. Click on links for more information on Rachel Rodgers and the anti-racist small business pledge

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