Recently a WILL member said this…

“Law firms train associates to feel small.  But rather than let them have the power and control, I NOW KNOW, that in fact, I am in control here.”

It took her awhile to arrive at this realization.  It’s hard to believe you are in control when you are in the thick of (big) law.  From day one you receive cues about how to talk, write and act.  Even how to dress!  (We could have a whole conversion about this, right?)  

Your antennae are constantly up, “Did I do something wrong?” “What does this email mean?” is a fearful refrain I hear from many of you…

It plays in your head automatically when you open your emails. The anxiety spirals as you try to fall asleep.  

But wait – you didn’t go to law school to feel small!  Noticing this phenomenon is the first step… to remembering that you are not small.  

You actually are in control of your narrative.  Oprah agrees.

I fell into a video the other day where she shares a mantra that’s been guiding her since she was eight years old. The quote is from Invictus by William Ernest Henley, which she had to recite at church.

Oprah emphasizes the last two lines…

I am the master of my fate:

I am the captain of my soul.

Put that on your mirror as Oprah did. Know you have the response-ability (the ability to respond) to shape your life. It starts with the story YOU tell yourself.

If you like, try this quote instead from another amazing woman I follow, Kathrin Zenkina…

“I am in charge of my opinion of myself.”

– Kathrin Zenkina, @manifestationbabe

Take a deep breath and tell yourself a story of your magnificence.

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