This week I was supposed to travel for a retreat with my mentor. Instead, she held it virtually from her apartment in Paris and I decided hit the road and use the time for a get-away.  So I rented a cottage by the sea and Zoomed in from Montauk.


When waffling about taking my bike, I asked my son  (who just turned 17 this week!),

“Elias, should I take my bike?”

He has a simple wisdom that cuts through the noise…

“Do you want to?”

Immediately I got a FULL BODY Yes!

“Yes! Yes, I do!” I said.

And here we are…


hit the road


Allow me to channel my inner Elias for you…

“Do you want to leave (big) law?”

If the answer is an immediate heart/gut/full-body “Yes!” then perhaps it’s that simple. You are done.

Simple doesn’t always equate with easy.


You can KNOW you want to leave but be daunted by how to clarify what else you could do, make a plan and summon the courage.



…when you’re swamped with billable hours, deadlines and depletion, it’s hard to do on your own.


Time passes.  Even when you KNOW you want to leave, you stay.


WILL is here to provide the structure, process and community to guide you to the other side.

We guide you to discover what lights you up, show you how to investigate appealing options and surround you with other smart, kind and ambitious women also forging new paths!


You don’t have to ride alone.  Throw your proverbial bike in the car.


Let’s hit the road together.


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  • Stories of lawyers who’ve made their move
  • Podcasts that unlock a world of possibilities
  • Courage, tools and communities to bolster you

How good would it feel to regain control of your time, career and life?

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