I was on a virtual retreat last May 9-10, 2020 with 18 members of the WILL community. We were supposed to be in New Mexico, at a gorgeous resort and spa… but that’s not happening!

While I am grieving that loss, I am ALSO appreciative of technology and delighted to still be able to lead these women in the deeper work. I have taken the “Keys” in Glennon Doyle’s book Untamed and turned them into practical tools WILL members can hold, use and free themselves from the cages of big law, sexism and self-doubt.   

While we free ourselves from big law, I’ve selected something from last year that I hope will help you now…  Enjoy!

This is from March 2019, when I was getting ready to host the first in-person WILL retreat. The retreat ended up being a deeply transformative experience for all of us involved (myself included). It centered around this definition of “self-care”.  Read on…

As women, we often don’t take good care of ourselves.

The term “self-care” used to befuddle me. I never knew quite what it meant. It conjured images of a day at a spa.

In January [2019], I went to a workshop with Savor Beauty and Spa Founder, Angela Kim, to help me learn how to use her 90-day planner.

When I got was something much more valuable, her definition of self-care…

“Self-care is taking an action for which your future self will thank you.”


Nothing about hot stone massages or facials.

This definition creates the framework for us to conjure important questions …

  • What would my future-self want me to do right now?
  • Would my future-self want me to stay in the office? Or go to yoga?
  • How can I STOP putting everyone else’s priorities first, and focus on me?

Ask your future self, “What is one thing I CAN do today, that is within my power to actually do?” Then listen.

  • Dial that best friend who lives across the country and talk. Let her tell you she loves you.
  • Pause before saying yes to a new project when you are spread thin beyond your limit.
  • Tell them no. Or at the very least, when you can realistically get to it.

Let’s have Tony Robbins drive this point home…

“The quality of your life is a direct reflection of the quality of the questions you are asking yourself.”

Start with this one…

“What is an action I can take today that my future-self will thank me for?”


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