Are you an attorney who feels stuck and unhappy or miserable? Jennifer was.

Before we get into full swing with 2020, I want you to ask yourself…

“What would I be happy to accomplish this year?”

Previous resolutions have come and gone. Perhaps now you’re a third year, or fifth, or eighth, maybe counsel or partner. How many promises have you made about making a change, and then fallen back into the busyness, routine and money?

You are smart and hard working. Used to getting top marks and gold stickers. You think you should be able to figure it out.

Resolutions carry hints of shame, guilt and all-or-nothing quality. They look to fix problems.

Instead try setting intentions.

Intentions look forward, are goal oriented, and more compassionate. Set the intention that you matter more than the firm.   

Change does not happen overnight. All that good girl training takes some undoing, and some help.

WILL is here to be your guide.  

To help you cross to the other side of the river, the side where you are happy every morning when you wake up. Imagine that…the dread is gone…you are excited to greet your day and go to work!

It is possible. Jennifer started WILL last January. Here’s her story:

Before starting in January 2019 I was completely miserable working for people that I thought were disrespectful of my time, effort, and actual talent. I wanted to do something that made me happy and felt fulfilling, instead of just doing something I was good at and made money at, but hated.

If you’re an attorney who feels stuck, unhappy, or miserable, I would say do something, do anything.

I 100% recommended WILL to friends and colleagues who are thinking about leaving. 

For me, it was such a helpful tool. It just took a lot of pressure out of the process, because if you don’t have support, it’s really lonely and isolating. Having a group to talk to and not feeling like you’re alone, and getting different ideas was totally invaluable to me. I would not have had nearly as much insight and clarity as to what I wanted out of my job without WILL.

I’m so happy I found WILL, because it has completely changed how I think about work and happiness. I feel so much more myself. People tell me they see a physical difference in my appearance.  I feel it. I feel like a different person. I feel hopeful and like I can do something, I never felt that way before.

I spent so much time investing in making other people’s business successful. I never took the time to invest in the business of myself and my success. And now I am, every day.

– Jennifer B

If you want help to set NEW intentions and experience your own version of Jennifer’s story, you can…

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Let WILL guide you. Begin now.  

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