No one builds a bridge, a road, or a six-figure business by themselves.

Since I started WILL in 2017 I have 10xd my income. My first year doing WILL I brought in $13,500. In 2019, I broke $140K.

I share this with you for a few reasons.

I appreciate when people I follow share their numbers.
You are not alone – I wouldn’t be able to make that kind of money without there being other women who share your pain and have succeeded in changing their lives.
I want YOU to see what is possible. It’s not about me. It’s about YOU and your dreams. I want YOU to know you can achieve them.

Plus, I want to be unabashedly proud of what I have built. I’ve helped over 40 women, and a few men, change their careers and lives. I want to feel so full up with my own self-worth, like Oprah said to Brené Brown, that she is overflowing with enough to share with everyone else (watch the video).

Not sharing our truth or doing a “humble brag” is another way women diminish their light.

I am here to shine bright. I am here to serve, and yes, receive value for the work I put into the world. In our culture, that’s called money.

For the past seven years I’ve worked intentionally on my relationship with money. To treat it like something and someone that I love, that I want to have surrounding me. To earn it in a way I am proud of.

I’ve worked hard on my business AND I have not done it alone.

I am beyond appreciative for my many coaches, teachers, writers and mentors. Some I’ve had the privilege of working with personally and others via the web.

Sometimes in my mindseye, I envision them cheering me on. Oprah is the head coach in her tracksuit, flanked by Gayle (in canary yellow) holding a clipboard. Marie Forleo, Elizabeth Gilbert and Jen Sincero wear cheerleader outfits and shake pom-poms telling me to go get it! WILL members are there too, screaming, whooping and hollering encouragement.

This might sound hokey and of course, I’m a little embarrassed to share it, but it sure beats yielding the field to snides and jeers from my inner skeptics. We’ve all got those voices, and every day it’s a choice. To whom will I listen?

WILL is a team effort.

I am beyond grateful to my team and want you to meet the people behind the scenes. They’re all smiling at you in the picture below.

I recount your stories to them… both the successes of WILL members and my heartbreaking calls with those of you who haven’t joined us yet (whether because you’re not ready yet, or fear has temporarily taken the driver’s wheel, or something else entirely).

If you fall into the second camp, please know this: we are here for you, if/whenever you are ready. And I am so grateful for YOU. For each of you who opens my email on Fridays, investing your time into reading what I’ve written, telling your friends about WILL, or letting my words enter and change you, perhaps even a little.

If you’re a WILL member… I wouldn’t be here without you. You putting your money, trust and faith in our work is one of the greatest honors of my life. I hope I delivered on my promise and then some.

I offer an end of year exercise to start gathering your own team. Grab a pen, journal or even a legal pad then…

  • Write down a list of all the people who love and support you unconditionally in your life.
  • They could be people you know, (your best friend or your sister), or people you don’t, like Oprah, Elizabeth Gilbert, heck even me. They could be living or departed.
  • Pick one person, and as if you were them, write a paragraph in their own voice, overflowing with words of encouragement and how much they believe in you.
  • Then move onto the next, and then the next.
  • When you’re done, close your eyes and imagine the eruption of cheers as they celebrate you into this next year of life.


(Left to Right) Top: Holly, marketing maven; Me. Middle: Yarrow, web designer extraordinaire; Jeanne, online biz supervisor. Bottom: Janelle, online biz manager; Jenni, WILL coach

Top left: Holly, marketing maven; right: me
Middle left: Yarrow, web designer extraordinaire; right, Jeanne, online biz supervisor
Bottom left: Janelle, online biz manager; right: Jenni, WILL coach

Not pictured: Devon, one of my besties and editor (don’t blame my typos on him, I fiddle and tweak post-edits), and new WILL coaches starting in 2020…stay tuned!

Of course, if you want to make 2020 the year we begin your WILL Journey… book a call and let’s begin.

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