Another year has passed.

Maybe you…

… said “I’ll stay in big law for a few years, and then figure something else out.”
…liked your role for awhile, but something has shifted. You are no longer okay and don’t know how to figure something else out.
…took the advice of the career counselors at your law school who said, “Go into big law for a few years. It’s great experience. You can pay off your loans and then you can do anything!”
But you have no idea what else you could do outside big Law. Ideas whisper in the back of your head, but you dismiss them as impossible.
How can you find the time to figure it out when you are billing your life away?
This is not why you went to law school. But the lack of time plus the money landing in your bank account makes it challenging to figure it out.

As you move through the holidays and end of year, I invite you to remember…
in every moment we have a choice.


Let me share the words of two WILL Members who decided to begin.

They both started WILL a few months ago and participated in the end of year Sunday Sprint.

Lana, a fifth year in litigation realized…

“A highlight of the Sprint has been self-acceptance. As someone said on one of our first calls, “I’m sensitive.” At a law firm you’re conditioned to be a certain way. If you’re not, then you’re not good enough to be a lawyer. You have to deny who you really are.
Hearing her talk about being sensitive, not as a weakness, but as who she is, helped me accept certain qualities in myself that don’t make me suited to be a lawyer in a big firm.  It is just who I am as a person. I’m a round peg in a square hole. It is not working. Now I am reframing my mindset and being more accepting of myself.”

And Kate, who’s been practicing for 11 years, also in litigation, realized this…

“It’s the actual work I dislike. The whole amount of nonsense that goes with it. Year after year, my day just keeps getting stuffed with what I hate about it, and less with the stuff I like. I have the growing realization of what I don’t like, which is difficult in the moment, but important in the long run.”
{Kate also signed up for, and completed a fiction writing class in the last three months, something that had been on her “want to do” list for years. Now, already accomplished!}

Like Lana and Kate, I want YOU to get some insights that spark new thoughts, feelings and action.

Here are three end of year questions for you.

Grab a journal, piece of paper or legal pad and answer…

  1. If I could remove ONE thing that has not served me in the last 12 months, what would it be?
  2. What are my MUSTS – what must I do in the next 12 months?
  3. Projecting myself 12 months into the future, I feel PROUD to have accomplished. [Write both what you accomplished and how you FEEL about it]

Girl, you have much more living to do and people you want to help!

Even if you don’t know what form that will take just yet, you KNOW you are destined for more. Let’s map out what’s possible.
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