WILL’s first self-care retreat was magical, connected, loving, intimate and honest.

I wish you had been there too.

Six women joined me and WILL Coach Jenni, at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in the Berkshires for a 3-day self-care retreat last May 21 to 24, 2019.

The women range in age from 27 – 57, and are all at different places in their careers… from 3rd year associate to partner, in-house counsel, or women who’ve launched their own firms, and left big law for something else.



They started out as near strangers, and emerged deeply connected.

This was my first time hosting a self-care retreat, and to be honest, I struggled with whether or not I could pull it off. My lead time for planning and marketing was under five months. I worried I wouldn’t get enough people to register.

I got coaching. Asked for, and paid for help.

I held the vision, had faith and took action. I so wanted to be in that room with you.


The perseverance paid off because the women who came benefited so much.

I was honored to guide them.

They shed doubt, self-criticism, and old stories.

They picked up new beliefs and connections, and emerged more free.


When asked to describe the experience in three words they said…

“Transformative, loving, mind-opening.”

“Joyful, absorbing, vulnerable.”

“Connection.Openness. Love.”

“Magic, free, humming.” .

“Connected. Inspired. Soulful.” 


I’d love to see you at the next one.

And there will be a next one be. But where…Sedona? Costa Rica? Tuscany?

To share your thoughts on this AND future retreats, click here. I want your input.


Here are my three words.

Intimate. Open-hearted. True.

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