As a little kid, I loved family gatherings around a big Passover Seder table, when we told the story of Moses leaving Egypt.

I actually got annoyed when the grownups would grumble and say “When do we eat?”

I loved discussing something deep and meaningful (obviously, still do!), freedom, being the central theme of Passover…

“Every person, in every generation, should regard him or herself as having personally come out of Egypt.”

We wrestle with this, how people in our country and the world are not free right now, and metaphorically, how we are not free in our lives.

I often speak with women attorneys who suffer from anxiety, exhaustion and feeling like they are failing on all fronts.

They yearn to fulfill their potential and desire greater meaning, and yes, freedom in their lives. 

If this resonates, take some time to reflect…

  • What would freedom for me LOOK like?
  • What would that freedom FEEL like?

Sink into that. Paint the picture in your mind. Then write it down on paper.

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