Big Magic for Your Personal and Professional Goals

In the summer of 2016, after helping some women attorneys transition out of big firms, the idea for WILL went from simmering on my back burner, to a full boil.

I wanted to guide women lawyers out of soul sucking work into careers and lives brimming with joy and fulfillment.

To make that happen I needed help, (still do!). That September, I took an online course with an Australian business coach named Grace Lever.

She had us do a simple exercise, write down professional goals.

On a legal pad, I wrote the Description, the Desired Results and the Date by When. Here is a picture of my notes (dated 9/25/2016):

Most of this has come to fruition, and the timing was pretty darn close too. 

Writing down goals is proven to contribute to achieving them!


What does this have to do with Big Magic and Elizabeth Gilbert?

In her book Big Magic, Gilbert says every day she declares “I am a writer” no matter how insecure or afraid she feels.

The woman who wrote Eat, Pray, Love still needs to declare this.

Moving out of our comfort zone is challenging!

The tips in the video make it more ninja.

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11 Resources to Help You Leave (big) Law for a Life That You LOVE!


  • Stories of lawyers who’ve made their move
  • Podcasts that unlock a world of possibilities
  • Courage, tools and communities to bolster you

How good would it feel to regain control of your time, career and life?

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