I recently spoke with a woman I’ll call Alice. She was one of the first people to sign up for my mailing list. While the time hasn’t been right for her to join WILL, we enjoy catching up every six months or so.

She fills me in on what’s happening in her career.

She said, “There is so much fear.” I asked her to explain…

Fear that you are leaving because you “didn’t make it” rather than you CHOOSE to leave.

Fear of looking a partner or colleague in the eye and telling them you are leaving, when doing so feels like an implicit judgment of their choices.

I hear this and so much more from clients.  Here are some of the fears I frequently hear…

You stayed too long.

You’re giving up too soon.

You will only earn $30,000.

You’ll have to start at the very bottom again.

You’ll have to go back to school and incur more debt!

These are only a few…

Then Alice talked about this fear…

“I do litigation and a lot of people don’t like it. I don’t love it but I’m pretty good at it. What if I wanted to do something else, but lots of other people wanted to do that thing, and I wasn’t a rock star at it?”

Do you think this should stop her?  Does hearing this also make you want to cheer her on?  It does me!  That’s why in addition to individual sessions I hold confidential group office hours for clients.

It’s much easier to hear someone else’s faulty logic than catch our own.

My clients share their stories, struggles and strategies.  They become teachers and helpers, reflecting the best of themselves to one another.

It’s like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz with the Scarecrow, Tin Man and Lion.They saw the smarts, heart and courage in each other, which made them all stronger.

If you are AT ALL INTERESTED in overcoming your fears so you can take control of your career and life… Let’s talk.

Here’s a way for you to see your fears more clearly. Write down all the…

  • fears about leaving and making a change.
  • “what-ifs” that stop you in your tracks.
  • critical noise in your head.

Get it out on paper. Then look at it and ask…

  • Is this true?
  • Do I know with 100% certainty that this is true?
Seeing your fears in a more critical and detached way can help you find the courage to take action DESPITE them.

Dorothy didn’t get out of Oz alone. Together we will slay internal witches and flying monkeys!

If you want to speak with a career coach who specializes in helping women (and some men) leave big law but don’t know what else to do, you’ve come to the right place.

Are you tired of feeling stuck in despair and inaction?  Do you want more predictability and control of your career and life?

If you want to be DONE with letting your fears stop you…
Let’s figure out your next step! Send me a note here.


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