I work with women lawyers who feel stuck and unhappy, who want more control of their schedule and career.

They dare to dream of life beyond the billable hour.

Yet something stands in their way, and it’s not the partner dolling out a new brief on Friday at 5 pm.  It’s the internal voices of criticism, skepticism and judgement.

For lawyers who want to leave big law and haven’t yet… there is often a lot of self-doubt, anger and dare I say, abuse.

Sometimes we speak to ourselves in a way we would NEVER speak with someone we love.


If you are beating yourself up for not…

– having left yet…

– knowing what else you can do…

– still having loans to repay…

I have a request of you.  I want you to forgive yourself.

Then I want you to forgive others.

Whomever you are pointing to and blaming for anything…

Your dad who said, “No career in fashion for you. You are going to law school.”

Your mom who said, “You can be a doctor or lawyer.”

The partner who demanded work while you were out of town at your brother’s wedding.

I invite you to forgive them all.

Because…Forgiveness is a gift we give ourselves.

But it isn’t so easy to do, right?

Watch this video for how to do the Hawaiian forgiveness mantra – Ho’Oponopono.

Write down each hurt. One by one say this mantra.

  • Forgive me.
  • I’m sorry.
  • Thank you.
  • I love you.

Why do we start with “Forgive me?” Watch video for explanation.

Write down each thing you are angry at yourself for.  Each offense you have yet to let go of.

Then say the forgiveness mantra.  One sentence at a time.

Cross out the old hurt, resentment or gripe.

Move onto the next.

When you are done…. You may feel sleepy. Drink lots of water.

Or you may feel lighter, spacious, liberated to take new action.

If you want to explore how I can help you let go, I have soooooooo much goodness to share with you!

If you are a lawyer who wants to know how to be happy after leaving big or the law…

To forgive yourself first, is a step you CAN control right now.

You just need to decide to do it.

I can help you take your next step! Let’s talk.





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