We have some clear results from the WILL Survey as to the barriers that keep you from leaving big law or making a career change.

Top 5 (in order):

  • Worry about the money (84%)
  • Not knowing what else I could do (64%)
  • Time to make it happen (56%)
  • Feel l like a failure if I leave (40%)
  • Put other’s needs first, especially the firm, before mine (28%)

I’ve got good news and bad news.

The bad first… these are a lot of barriers.

The good news… They are NOT insurmountable! You are smart, capable and hardworking. I’m helping other women make this change. Why not you too?

I am developing free training for YOU this fall to address the top three barriers:

Strategies alone don’t work. If fear of failure stops you before you begin… you are not going to put those strategies into place.

That inner voice of doubt and skepticism keeps you stuck.

In the free training, I will share mindset shifts you can use IMMEDIATELY, and specific tactics to implement.

Your challenge this week:

  • Begin to notice the story you are telling yourself about leaving.
  • Ask yourself… Is that true? Do I know with 100% certainty that is true?



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