Two years ago while on vacation in Cape Cod, the idea for WILL woke me up.

The idea nudged me awake at 5:30 am. I rolled out of bed. Wrote feverishly. The words “women interested in leaving law…WILL” flowed out.

I wanted to share joy and possibility with women attorneys who feel stuck, unhappy and bored with their work.

I saw (and continue to see) their suffering. Spending their precious time here on earth, doing something they dread

I believe this to be a universal truth – everything starts as a thought.

In the past year, I’ve helped over 20 women cultivate new thoughts, become clear about what they want, feel inspired and take new action!

Some have gone in-house, to startups or established companies. One is actively pursuing winery operations, another – work at a museum. Another is the Health Policy Director for a U.S. Senator!

Making a change may feel impossible to you.

One thing is for sure, it will never happen if you don’t listen to your middle of the night nudges.

When reading this, do receive a nudge from your heart that you want to talk? If so, please email me.

Let’s get on the phone and explore. Can my nudge bump into yours and create something new? (Sounds a little dirty, but in a good way! )

I’m heading out on vacation to the same house where WILL was born. Let’s see what wakes me up this time!

Until then – a client shared this song with me (thanks T!). I want continue to share with you. I’m Amazing

Listen to the lyrics. Believe them.

That’s a good thought to think.


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