I remember being acutely ambivalent when I graduated from college and had my first job offer. I could become the Assistant to the Executive Director/Office Manager at a small non-profit, or keep looking.

I was up in Ithaca, NY with my family, visiting cousins. I remember sitting on the porch getting advice, literally from my elders, who said “Take it.”

But internally I was torn up. Would something better come along? Was this what I wanted to do?

Ambivalence is a painful state.

From Latin ambi- (in two ways) + valeō (be strong); it can feel you are being pulled strongly in both directions.

Attorneys are often ambivalent about whether or not to leave (big) law or leave the law entirely. Sometimes my public health experience bears specific fruit to help. Recently, I on a webinar I shared a decisional balance tool.

Decisional balance is like a pro/con list on steroids. 

I wrote it up to share with you. I’m delighted it has been published in Blacklines & BillablesCheck it out in this great legal blog, forum, and podcast dedicated to sharing practical tips and information for law firm associates.

This tool taps into both your analytic mind and intuition. It can help you asses the risk of changing AND the risk of staying put. 

p.s. I was at the Blogher18 conference in NYC last week- which I will write more about at another time. But I swear, there is a picture of Jessica Alba with me in the background. (Talking to an attorney panelist about “Work/Life Blend”). See if you can find me. Scroll down – this is just too hilarious not to share!

Business Citizen: Choose the Best Image of Jessica Alba in New York

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