A friend of mine from college, Mark Leibovich, has the number one book on the New York Times best seller list.

I met Mark at the University of Michigan.

We went to a summer program in New England together, where we read Walden on the shores of Lake Winnepesaukee, smoked weed with our professors, and hiked Mount Washington.

The next summer, he had a hot and sweaty romance with one of my best friends. She still gets a faraway glint in her eye and a naughty smile when she wistfully remembers it.

A few years ago when I was in DC, I got together with Mark for a coffee.

I share this with you for a reason…

I literally know a #1 New York Times best-selling author.

Because you are reading this, you’re one degree separated from a New York Times best-selling author.

Mark hung out with this group of smart, talented guys who were all into writing. And honestly, he did not seem like the brightest rising star in the bunch.

But he put his head down and did his work.

He went from the Boston Phoenix to the New York Times, and is now writing a long form at the Atlantic. I’m sure there were bumps and bruises and many steps along the way I know nothing about.

The point is this: if he can do it, you can do what you want too.

I do believe it’s never too late to go for your dreams.

All aside and on a tangentially related note, I’ve decided to start using my “good salt.“

My box of Maldon sea salt no longer will languish for years with my scant use.

Nope. I’ve put a pile in a pinch dish next to the stove.

I intend to use it daily.

Because a pinch of Maldon makes everything taste better, from my breakfast granola, to my salad for lunch, to a piece of salmon and veggies for dinner.

I’ve decided to no longer wait for life to be delicious.

I want to make it as delicious as I can in the moment.

You may never become a New York Times best seller.

You may never…[fill in the blank for what a big dream is that you would love to do.]

You may never become a travel blogger, interior designer, astrologer, personal trainer, alpaca owner, or whitewater rafting guide.

These are just some of the dreams WILL members and prospective members have shared with me over the years.

But one thing is certain.

You will never achieve your heart’s desires if you don’t take a step towards them.

Yes, you’re busy.

Yes, your job demands a lot from you.

But what is it costing you?

What is it costing you to keep putting your job first?

I want you to take a second to notice whatever stories you’re telling yourself right now about how Mark has succeeded and you haven’t.

Notice your own excuses.

Maybe my little wake-up call is coming across as salty to you, but I’m here to WAKE YOU UP to the belief that you could write your own f**king best seller too.

In WILL Transform, we show you how to transform your dreams into actions.

I cannot promise you rainbows, daisies and NYT bestsellers.

But what I can promise you is:

  • Clarity from walking proven steps that lead you to discover what else (and you’d LOVE) to do
  • Confidence
  • Community

Start right here and now towards your “best selling New York Times book.”

It is not too late. You’re not too old. Let’s go.


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