The other day I was telling a WILL Member that I’m always in a coaching program.


Because for me it is the fastest, most efficient way to get where I want to go.

I learn from people who are further on their journey.

I receive…

  • Expert advice.
  • A fresh perspective.
  • New tools that I use immediately.
  • Belief that I can achieve things when I don’t  see how I can on my own.
  • Accountability buddies, friends and community to support me along the way.

I have worked with some more deeply for longer periods of time, and others only a single class or workshop.

Some of the coaches I’ve worked with for my relationships and health, but mostly they help me create WILL and grow myself as a CEO (heck, I’ve never done this before!).

You get to CHOOSE growing into the best you can be.

You are worth investing in yourself to get there more quickly and easily.

There’s no shame in getting help.

I find my worst shame is in staying stuck and feeling alone in it.

Whether it’s WILL or something else, you don’t have to do it alone.

Because what is it costing you to…

  • think you “should“ be in a different place than you are?
  • wake up on Monday morning with anxiety and dread?
  • feel you’re wasting your talent and potential?

You are worth investing in.

The money will replenish in your bank account.

Really, how quickly will that money fill up again?

How quickly will you fill up again?

I have seen the physical, and mental toll that working in big law is takes on women.

We need you out here doing your good work.

Shining your light.

Imagine how good that will feel!

And if you haven’t gotten there on your own yet, let me extend a helping hand.

Your consultation with me is free and is often life-changing in and of itself.

I say that proudly.

It’s an opportunity to love on yourself.

Let’s revolutionize the world with love.

Book YOUR call to chat about how.

Xo, Elena

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