Dull and stressful. This is the combination I often hear from women lawyers.  

It’s a formula that keeps them feeling stuck and unhappy.

Does this resonate?

These are the things I often hear during consultations:

  • I don’t like how I feel or who I’m becoming. 
  • If I’m billing all the time, I’m exhausted and anxious. If I’m not billing all the time, I feel stressed and worried that I’m not billing enough, so I can’t relax and replenish! 
  • I don’t find the work interesting, challenging or intellectually stimulating. 
  • I didn’t go into law to make more money for banks and insurance companies. I don’t see how I can keep doing this for another (fill in the blank timeframe – 2 years, six months, 5, 10, 15 years). 
  • I’ve looked at the life of partners, and I don’t want that.

Women come to me because these thoughts get caught in negative spirals that loop and often sound something like this:

“You don’t know how to do anything else.”

“You should just be grateful you have a good-paying job.”

“What if you make ANOTHER wrong decision and don’t like anything else more?”

“Better to stay with the devil you know.”

Round and round it goes.

And time keeps passing. (Did you see my email from a couple of weeks ago? The time is going to pass anyway. Whether you do something or not.)

I also hear clearly that you DO know what you want!

You want to…

  • Be present, engaged and energized by your work. 
  • Explore and validate new ideas before you go down any one road for too long (No leaping or throwing spaghetti at the wall!)
  • Have structure and accountability to keep you on track and moving forward, instead of defaulting to billables or scrolling LinkedIn or Indeed hoping you’ll magically land on a perfect job that will rescue you.

You are the cavalry.

You are your knight in shining armor.

You have everything you need to make this change.

If you can become a lawyer, pass the bar and practice, YOU CAN figure something else out.

Especially with WILL by your side, where you receive:

  • A proven process 
  • 1:1 intimate and confidential support 
  • A kick-ass community of honest, truth-telling women lawyers who are also carving their own destiny

Get started now with a zero-obligation call with me!

It can feel SO GOOD to get the noise out of your head. I’ll hold it in my heart and help you tell yourself a new story.

After a deep sigh…

Say bye-bye to dullness, dread and despair.

Hello LIFE!!!

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