Ever since I heard this phrase, “Our language not only describes our reality, it defines it,” I have become extra attentive to my words.

Words I am highly suspicious and careful around include:

  • Should
  • Sorry
  • Try

I don’t often trust them.

Lately, I’ve been engaging in conversation about the word “try” and I believe it to be nuanced.

For me, when I catch myself thinking or using it, I become suspicious.  (I’m aiming for curious, but the word suspicious feels more honest.)

The word try can feel like I’ve given myself an escape hatch in case I don’t succeed.

I do mostly agree with Yoda when he said, “There is no try, there is do or do not.”

And yet, for others I honor “try” as an important step forward.

It can represent progress.

Going from I can’t…” orI’ll never…”

To ”I’ll try…”

(Especially when it feels genuine and is backed with energy and effort….)

In this case, “try” feels like success.

A woman in our Creators’ Circle mastermind said that for her, “Trying is succeeding.”

It’s taking a new step.

This sentiment is huge for a woman lawyer who had felt trapped and stuck, who is now allowing herself to listen to her inner voice that’s been screaming, there’s got to be more to life than this…

What’s your relationship with the word “try”?

If you’re fearlessly honest with yourself,does it give you permission to take a step forward?

I’m genuinely curious!

Would you like to try to leave behind…

  • Feeling DEPLETED by billing your life-force away in six-minutes increments and only dreaming of work that’s meaningful, energizing and fulfilling

  • Feeling TIRED of being chained to your inbox, and motivated to respond within 20 minutes out of fear that if you don’t, you’ll get torn a new one

  • Feeling UNHAPPY with snapping or being short-tempered and checked-out with your spouse, kids, parents and friends

  • Feeling DESPERATE to liberate yourself from the lawyer identity, but not knowing what else you could do

  • BEATING YOURSELF UP while thinking “I should be able to figure this out on my own, but never have time or energy because I’m so busy, exhausted and I just don’t know”

Let’s talk about what you would like to leave behind …


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