I recently started a year long mastermind, the Creators’ Circle, with a group of WILL members who want to go further.

Resistance will definitely arise throughout the process.

However, we anticipate and desire for each member to be prepared to evade it.

Because resistance is like walking in tar.  Our feet get stuck.  Progress slows to a halt.

What does resistance feel like for you?

For many people, it shows up in the form of “I can’t…”

As if they are reporting the news.

That’s it.

End of story.

What I suggest the Creators’ Circle members do is this:

When you hear yourself thinking or saying, “I can’t…“

Try saying, “HOW can I…?

Notice one is a statement.

And the other is a question.

One will stop your brain from problem-solving.

The other encourages creativity and generates innovative solutions!

What would you rather hear yourself, your kid or someone you love saying?

“I can’t,”or

“HOW can I?”

Try this and let me know how it goes.


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What better time than now to get going?


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