Last week was devastating. The fallout will be horrific. Friday was truly one of the worst days I can remember in our country. Because it’s such a blatant war against women and more specifically, poor women.

It’s about power and control.

Yes, and…

The response.

Leaders stepping forward with their words and images – and by leaders, I mean women, girls, and humans of all kinds finding their voice.

Yes, this horrific thing has happened, and as one of my colleagues, Serena Hicks, posted in her newsletter, “How we are going to beat them is with LOVE.”

To that end, I am sharing five things I am consciously LOVING and focusing on this week.

1. My son Elias graduated from high school yesterday. He was 12 when I started WILL, and is now 18. He won an award last week in the humanities, and my shy, self-proclaimed nerd proudly strode to the stage to receive his award.

The HUGE CHEER he got from his classmates made me burst into tears. I contained myself by the time he returned to his seat so I didn’t totally embarrass him.

2. Jennifer Lopez’ documentary on Netflix. Can we give it up for her, puleeze! She perked me up this weekend with her badassery and constant striving for excellence. BTW – girl does some awesome Louise Hayes affirmations, my favorite of which is: I am youthful and timeless at every age. My life is filled with love and adventure! Hell to the yes, JLo! I’m saying it with you!

3. Committing to love myself. I wake up every morning, hand on my heart and say, “Good morning Elena, I love you.” I highly recommend this practice, because love starts here.

Elena's Birthday4. I celebrated my 56th birthday at the Jersey Shore. I swam in the ocean and I feel happy and appreciative to be healthy and alive, and I’m also thankful for my family, relationships, and for doing work that helps others bring the best of themselves to the world.

5. Starting The Creators Circle Mastermind! We are almost ready to kick off a yearlong Mastermind. Eight women have said yes and four spots remain! We are going on a yearlong journey through The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron.

In preparation for it, I’ve been re-reading the first few chapters of the book. So many juicy nuggets, and what I want to impress on you is this:


Elena with The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron bookYou are the creator of your life.

No one else.

Now is the time to take responsibility for crafting it into what you want. Let it be based on YOUR DESIRES, and not what anyone else says or does.

As Cameron says in the section, Spiritual Electricity: The Basic Principles…

“Many of us wish we were more creative. Many of us sense we ARE more creative but unable to effectively tap that creativity. Our lives feel somehow flat. Often, we have great ideas, wonderful dreams, but are unable to actualize them for ourselves.”

She ends the section with this:

“Working with this book you will experience an intensive, guided encounter with your own creativity – your private villains, champions wishes, fears, dreams, hopes and triumphs. The experience will make you excited, depressed, angry, afraid, joyous, hopeful and ultimately, more free.”

This is why I am leading this journey. Because not only do I want to be more like JLo, but also I want to be more free and I want YOU to be more free…

Free to be you.

Free to be furious.

Free to live your life, shining your gifts. Unencumbered, or perhaps ignited by what others, including SCOTUS, decides.

YOU get to be YOU.

And God knows, we need you. The world needs you to be your truest, most outlandish, free-est you you can be.

That’s why I am on FIRE about the Creators Circle Mastermind. There are FOUR spots left. One of them can be YOURS.

Hit reply to talk to me.

Right now, because…

Love starts here.

Creating the life you desire starts now.


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