When is it going to be your time?

After you help your husband find and settle into his new job?

After the kids begin their camp/program/new school year?

After you reach that money milestone or pay off your loans?

When are you going to put yourself first? And what is it costing you not to?

How much longer can you afford to…

Keep waking up with anxiety?

Be checked out, even when you’re in the same room as the people you love?

Feel low grade (or rather obvious) anger and resentment?

Always think, “There’s got to be more to life than this”?

I know these are hard questions, but I suspect that on some level, you are asking them of yourself.

What’s it costing you to delay and doubt yourself?

(And what woman in America doesn’t doubt herself?  That’s just how we’ve been conditioned.)

But when you dig deeper, what do you know?

That you’d love to get your nails done without checking your phone every 30 seconds…

You want to finally sleep through the night without waking up and spiraling over some mistake that will result in being disbarred…

You’d love to wake up without dread and a pit in your stomach as you face the day ahead…

Try this:

When you hear the word STAY

How does that make you feel in your body?

And when you hear the word GO

How does that make you feel in your body?

You are so much more magnificent and loved than you give yourself credit for.

You can make this change, especially with guidance, support and a proven process…

It’s YOUR time.

You don’t have to do this alone, AND you’re the only one who can say:

“It’s time for me to begin.”

Saying yes to yourself is a radical act.

Let’s get crazy.

Start here.



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