There’s nothing wrong with you.

You don’t need to be healed,


or changed.


None of that.

I’m not here to teach you.

I am here to make your learning easier.

The term “coach” has never fully felt like the right description for my professional identity.


That’s the word I most identify with.

It describes what I’ve been doing since college when I facilitated sexual assault prevention awareness.

Picture me going into dorms and frat houses, armed with a flip chart and fistfull of markers, leading myths/facts exercises.

(I hope I helped someone along the way.)

What I love about the word “facilitator“ is that it means to make things easier.


I am here to make your learning easier and help you discover YOUR word(s)!

That’s what I’m here for.

Might they include…


…achiever or

…problem solver?

If you want to learn your word and how to make leaving (big) law easier… I’m your girl.

Book your call here and let’s have some fun on our chat.

While I help you figure out what else you could do and make your career transformation, my pal Jessica Medina helps you get the money lined up!

If it’s the money that’s keeping you stuck in your current position, then check out these free resources from a former lawyer turned Accredited Financial Counselor.

Jessica graduated law school as a single mom of twins with over $200,000 of student loan debt. She went straight into (big) law and then spent a few years at the Securities and Exchange Commission before leaving the law entirely for her dream career. She now helps other attorneys craft their own exit plans so they can pursue their true passions, no matter the salary.

  • Pay off your law school debt and still live your life with this 10-day email series. You’ll learn the different student loan repayment strategies and figure out which is the best one for you. And — spoiler alert — it may not be paying them off as soon as possible!
  • 5 Money Mistakes Lawyers Make (and what to do instead). Find out if you’re making the top money mistakes Jessica sees lawyers make, and the strategies to fix them.


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