While driving back from Philadelphia after President’s weekend I listened to Oprah talk with Brené Brown about her new book, Atlas of the Heart.

I heard her say something that reminded me of her two questions that can cut through and release worry like a sharp knife.

I’ve added a third step.

Read on…

When you are consumed by worry, which is defined as: ruminating thoughts about some thing that has either happened in the past or might happen in the future, try and remember if you can to do this…

One. Ask yourself do I have enough data about this to freak out?

The answer might be yes, no or maybe.

Two. Then ask yourself, will freaking out help?

The answer to question two is almost invariably, “no“.

OK so now that you’ve established you either have or need more data, and that freaking out will not help, here’s my step three…

Someone once told me prayer is worry turned outward.

So even if you’re not a praying person, I invite you to try letting it go.

I like to say this…

“God, universe, source, please take this worry from me. Help me let it go. I pray that whatever I am worrying about is resolved in the most peaceful and loving way.

May I and all those involved experience relief, ease and love.”

Of course you could pray for healing, peaceful resolutions, and to let go of your own anxiety and worry.

Writing this helped me remember it.

I pray it is useful for you as well.

IF you are struggling and worrying about your work, career, and the cost and toll it’s taking on your health, relationships, and future… Please fill out these questions and let’s have a call.

Prayer is great. And when it’s coupled with action is when you get traction.


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