A WILL member I’ll call Samantha has been working with us for just a couple of months.  She gave her notice last week.

She spent nine years practicing law, and nothing was changing. That is, except for her mental and physical health, and not for the better.

She does not have a new job, or a clear idea of what she wants to do YET, but she has a pile of money she’s saved for a down payment.

She didn’t want to put it in the house and feel even more beholden to stay at her job.   

Instead, she’s decided to invest that money in herself.

She is investing in recuperation, going out to lunch with friends and sleeping.

She is investing time, energy and money in the future she intends to create.  

This is the essence of what you can do in WILL Transform.

You shift your experience from feeling like life is happening “to you,” into one where you are intentional, proactive and deliberate.

You regain control.

Samantha is doing this by giving notice and choosing to use the money she saved for herself now.

She can make more money. However, she can not make back another nine years.  

For another member, she decided to enroll partly based on this insight she had:

“I’ve pretty much achieved everything in life I’ve set my mind to.  But I do not want what I see ahead.  I do not want to be a senior partner in this law firm.  I am not clear on what I want, and I better figure that out.

What do you want to intentionally, proactively and deliberately create next?  

One year from now?

Three years from now?

You decide.

No one else.

If you don’t know, that’s fine!  But how good would it feel to figure it out?  (And create a life that looks vastly different a year from now.)

Let’s see what insights you get on a complimentary consultation!


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