Sometimes, I speak to women who want to be in another job right now. The suffering, compounded anxiety and exhaustion is no joke. They are depleted and they are done.

If that feels familiar, you could probably be in another legal job pretty quickly, or take a leave of absence. Especially now.

But what if you don’t want another legal job?

How do you go about figuring that out when, as someone said to me recently, “Big law is designed to keep you so busy that you can barely find the time to leave it”?

If you want structure, support and a path to leave the billable hour behind, WILL Transform CAN 100% help you.

The community, coaching, content and love help you grow into someone new.


There’s this thing called the universal law of gestation.

To understand exactly what this is, think of growing a carrot.

First, you nourish the soil, plant the seeds and tend the garden with water, compost and sunlight. If the conditions are right, the seed grows.

Can you make a carrot grow overnight?

Of course not.

How many years did it take you to become a lawyer? You thought about it, took the LSAT, applied, spent three years in law school, sat for the bar exam and have been practicing for however many years.

Cultivating something new also takes time.

Once the soil is primed, and the seeds are planted and tended to, miracles take root and sprout!

How valuable would it be to you to create something nourishing and new?

Below, find the “Onto a new chapter…” email I got from a WILL alum. She began WILL last fall, and is harvesting a new life, starting with a month in Belize! I’m so happy for her! (This is shared with her permission.

As you look ahead to the fall and end of the year, what do you want to plant, nurture and harvest?

WILL is designed for busy lawyers.

By enrolling, you CAN experience immediate relief. Will you have a new career overnight?

Of course not.

But you will have the satisfaction that you are finally doing something!

In WILL, you learn how to create more energy and time. (Yes, this is possible).

And grow something new.

Let’s get planting,

Hold steady and make a plan. Enter your email, then book a call to learn how WILL can help you.

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