As a lawyer, you are trained to spot issues and protect your clients.

Add to that a natural negativity bias, because our brain is designed to protect us, and you’ve got a challenging situation!

When you imagine the worst, you are imagining against yourself.

The life you want to create, whether it is leaving big law, starting your own business, or taking the summer off, is all possible!

If you didn’t have the imagination for it, it would not be possible.

All you want is to go to a barbecue without having to throw your laptop in the car.  And that, my dear, is possible. Wouldn’t you agree?

Please do not shame yourself for imagining the worst.  You are trained to do so. You can thank your training, and then begin to train yourself to react differently.

Just as you might try a new workout class, Peloton instructor, or book that stretches your belief systems, you can learn how to nourish, foster, and expand your imagination.

But instead of always imagining the worst, you can train yourself to indulge in the good kind of imagination.

The kind that feels a little scary, but brings a naughty little smile to your face.

Maybe you’re wondering if that’s even possible.

I invite you to give that question a resounding, hell yes!


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