Recently, I had dinner over at a friend’s apartment (which was so lovely!) I noticed that the elevator in her building didn’t have a display at the top to show where it is when you call it.

I didn’t like that.

When you watch a YouTube video, one of the very first things you do is check how long it is.

If you’re anything like me, you then check to see if you can speed it up. (I’m a huge fan of the 1.5 playback!)

This is because our brain wants to know what’s coming.

We want to know what lies ahead.

But we can’t always, right?

Think about Covid. One of the hardest things about it was how much it challenged our desire to know what was ahead.

The uncertainty was one of the most challenging parts for many people.

When you think about leaving (big) law, your brain wants to know what will happen.

This is one of the biggest things that keeps people stuck.

Your reptilian brain goes into fight, flight or freeze when faced with any situation it perceives as “dangerous.”

The unknown is “dangerous.”

However, so is staying in a situation where you are chronically sleep deprived, stressed and doubting yourself.

Big law feels dangerous too.

It takes choosing the paradox: take action despite fear.

It’s not easy, but it’s doable. You’ve actually done it thousands of times.

It’s always easier if you’re not alone.

When you take it step-by-step in a program like WILL, where you are held, nurtured and guided along the way, it’s a mitigated risk.

Listen, I know! Leaving big law takes effort! It doesn’t happen magically. If you have tried to figure this out on your own already, you know this.

But aren’t you worthy of the investment? Of getting top notch help and guidance?

The elevator is coming. Want to get on board?


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