What if you don’t know what you want “to do”?

What would you tell a 16 year old who worries they don’t know what they want “to do”?

Last week I wrote about my son Elias.  This week, my other son Laszlo, turned 16.

Sometimes during my morning meditation, I cultivate a higher vibe state by focusing on things that make me happy. That was especially easy to do on his birthday.  

I remembered the moment of Laszlo’s birth, the adventures we had exploring different foot paths through the park to preschool, how he dabbled in soccer, baseball, and even flag football. None of them suited him for long. He’s more of a video game and frisbee guy now.

I spent a few delicious moments delighting in who he is and becoming as a young man.

He just got his braces off, and has been upping his grooming game and sense of style. Ever since the end of seventh grade he’s pretty much exclusively worn button down shirts. Not Oxfords, but linen and patterned ones. His favorite brand is Vince. He rocks those shirts with slim fit khakis and Van high tops.  

He worries that he doesn’t “have a passion” or know what he wants “to do”. He’s got lots of interests. He knows so much about a lot of things that I know nothing about! But he compares himself to his brother who wants to be a writer, and his other mother who is a doctor, and me, who is just a tad bit passionate about her work.  😉

I told him I didn’t find coaching until I was almost 42!  I vividly remember my first coaching class at NYU.  I still have my notebook – Foundations 1.  Every now and then I send my first teacher, Paulette an email to say hi and thank you!

I am so grateful for ALL my coaches, teachers and mentors. I’ve had at least a dozen since that first class.  Some I’ve worked with 1:1 and intensely for years (thank you @NOA) and others I’ve only ever worked with virtually with no 1:1 at all.

Coaching has given me so much… two career changes, the ability to believe in AND create my own business, friendships, and work I love where I know I am making a difference.  

Coaching and guiding WILL members through their discovery is what I now know I am here to do.  It took awhile.  But I’m so glad to have arrived.

I can see and feel the positive ripple effects.

I hear it from WILL members who say, “I couldn’t have made this change this easily, this quickly without WILL.  It feels so good to know I am not alone.”

All the WILL goodness is here for you too!  If you want to figure out what you are here to do, WILL Transform can help you clear the path to your highest and best self.   We can do this together, guide you, show you the shortcuts and cheer you on.  Check out WILL Transform here,

As for my son… He’s doing his job well!  He’s not listening much to me (or pretending not to) and that’s the job of a teenager!  Not always fun, but that’s how they become independent.    

Before you go… let me ask you…
What words of wisdom would you share with a 16-year-old on their birthday who didn’t know what they wanted to do, yet?

If you also don’t know yet too, could you share that wisdom and compassion with yourself?

Love, Elena (now the parent of two humans old enough to drive)

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