In the fall of 2017, I offered WILL for the first time after the pilot group. I held a webinar and four people registered.

I’ll admit that my heart sank when only two women showed up. Then it plunged further when one person dropped off.

Only one remained. That person was Jenny.

I directed all my energy, enthusiasm and excitement towards her! It must have worked, because not too long after, she joined WILL.

As a 25-year-plus litigator, change can take time. In the past three years she has dialed up and down her “WILL work”. Yet her persistent progress is paying off. She’s on the brink of a big change. (Apparently so is life on earth. Read on…)

I want you to hear Jenny’s story. You can read it below or listen to a recording of our conversation here.

Jenny’s Story – In her own words

I saw an article about Elena and WILL in Above the Law, and I found it intriguing. I was in an unhappy place professionally and had been in the law for a long time.

I had been exploring other things, such as creative writing, and doing personal development of all kinds – self-help, money mindset, etc. But I was still in my job and casting about, looking for other legal jobs.  Nothing inspired me.

When I saw the article about Elena and made it to one of her webinars, I loved her vibe and felt she had good energy. It gave me feelings of hope just being on the webinar. Shortly thereafter I signed up for WILL. We started working together at the end of 2017 and I’ve loved it.

Investing in WILL definitely felt like a lot of money to me for something that didn’t have a predictable outcome. But I had been doing different classes on the side and it felt like it was time to get serious.

Nobody was going to do it for me. If I wanted to make the transition to something more meaningful, I needed some help.

I signed up right around the holidays and had a couple of days off from work.  I started listening to all the modules and doing the exercises. I went through the course fairly quickly. I had the time and it engaged me. I loved all the mindset work!

Thinking back, I did the skills, interests and values worksheet. It was in the interests section, the exercise asked “If you could take classes in anything, a hobby or just something you’re interested in, what classes would you take?”

Buried in my list was astrology. Looking back, it’s interesting that something buried in the middle of the paragraph is now what I’m focusing on.

There have been points where I’ve stepped away from WILL, but I felt called back because life can feel hollow and isolating. Even pre-Covid, I worked from home, so I spent a lot of time alone, not really interacting with anyone until the end of the day when my husband and my son came home. A huge part of WILL for me is the community.

Being part of the community is an amazing experience. Elena is amazing and the gentle- but-tough love she gives us is needed and helpful. And the group of women who join WILL are inspiring, impressive and fun.

We all share certain challenges, experiences, and desires, but everyone has a slightly different background. When we get on the calls, the vibe is uplifting.

Even though people are all here because they’re unhappy lawyers, once we get into the community container, people leave their negativity at the door. Everybody’s welcome to be vulnerable and express what they want to express. I always feel much more positive at the end of the calls.

I’ve also made beautiful friendships. Especially through having accountability buddies, that gives it a whole additional level of personal involvement. These women, none of whom I’ve met in person, have become dear friends.

Through my WILL journey, I’ve realized that my passion is astrology.  I want to be a professional astrologer. With Elena’s prodding, I am taking steps towards that.

Looking back, it has taken a major mindset shift. I still have work to do, but I’ve come to value things that enable me to invest in me.

I realized that nobody’s going to create a path for me. If I’m going to have a path, I have to make it myself, and to invest in what I need to get me there.

Part of it is recognizing when you need help. I’ve always sort of been a “pull yourself up by your bootstraps,” do-it-yourself-type person, but there are certain things you need an outside perspective on.

I can finally envision my business that I’ve been imagining. For a while it was shrouded in fog. But now, I’m on the way to start this, initially as a side business while I continue working, and then with the goal of making it full time in the not-too-distant future.

Amazing, right?

Jenny has been taking consistent action towards launching her business.  She is getting ready to hang out her astrology shingle and use it to help lawyers find their career and life calling.

She is GOOD!! She did my chart and I’m still learning from it.
If YOU want to learn WITH Jenny, I am honored to present her first public foray in her new business.

You are invited, Sunday, December 20th to a FREE event. Learn how the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn will impact the trajectory of life here on earth.

According to Jenny, “The Great Conjunction represents a huge cultural shift in how society will operate. We are moving from a focus on material wealth and possessions, to a greater emphasis on social connection, sharing of ideas, and connectivity. It’s an exciting time to be alive.”

Jenny is going to tell us ALL about the Great Conjunction… What does it mean? How can you harness this very potent astrological energy? How can this help you step into 2021, with vision, confidence and clarity?

To learn more, join Jenny and I for a FREE Masterclass on December 20th, 2020.

Empower Your Future:
Harness the New Cultural Paradigm of Creativity, Connection, and Social Progress

Claim your spot here!

BONUS: When you register by December 11th, and provide the necessary information (date, location and time of your birth) you will receive your birth chart too. Jenny will share how to interpret it in relation to the Great Conjunction on the call.

Position yourself for a new era. The stars (and planets!) are aligning,

P.s. If you never saw the ATL article that helped Jenny find me, WILL and her new path, you can read it here.

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