Your are magnificent

Flipping through a recent issue of O magazine, I saw this photo…

It made me weep. Especially for the sentiment, and also for the physical proximity of pre-Covid human life.

Women lawyers, Leaving law, leaving big law, You are magnificent


Mostly though, because this is what I aim to do as a coach. In our best coaching relationships, I come in close and hold you when you feel shaky, weak and don’t think you can take another step.

To speak clearly and powerfully in your ear.

To tell you that you are magnificent… and I believe you can do it.

I implore you to dig deep. To fight for yourself, for your team, and most importantly, for your pack of dreams…

…to win for YOUR pack of dreams. To let them run across the field tearing off their jerseys in victory, holding medals high.


What does victory look like, taste like to you?

It’s different for everyone, but freedom is the wind beneath many of our leaps.

Jump for it.

You can.

Yes, I believe you can do it. Really.

You are magnificent in your own way.

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