It was a beautiful fall day, early November… and I stood on the corner crying.
Neighbors and parents walked by, glancing sideways.

I had just dropped my Kindergartner off and learned it was “Open School Day”.

I had no idea. Between being new, having my younger son in pre-school, and working full-time, I missed the flyer in his backpack.

I called my office. My boss said, “We really need you to come in.”

Hence, the tears on the corner.


I felt like such a loser. A terrible parent. Like I was failing on all fronts…

Can you relate to not doing what’s most important to you as well as you want?

Whatever I did at work that day has faded…

The feeling that I was a failure in my life, that stuck. Soon after, I decided no more.


I was nearly finished with my coach training and I said to myself, “I am going to create the work life that I want.”

Isn’t that something we all want? Can you relate?

You can create it, too. You can create the life you want after leaving big law.

If you want more SAY in how you spend your time… you can change your life to make that happen.

You CAN go in a new direction.


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